March 28, 2012

Arsenic and Old Cake

Number three in the Piece of Cake Mystery Series:

Isn't this a great cover? The book is available for pre-order now at

March 19, 2012

Cozy Mystery Challenge

I think I'm addicted to reading challenges. Unfortunately, I rarely actually complete the challenge once I've signed up for it. Somehow I forget until after I've signed up for the challenge that my reading time is not my own until May or June every year, thanks to the various contests I pledge to judge every year. This morning, though, I stumbled across a challenge I think I can actually meet -- the Cozy Mystery Challenge hosted by Kris Meyer from Not Enough Books.

The challenge is to read at least 6 cozy mysteries in the next 6 months. That sounds very do-able to me, since I'm pretty sure I'll be reading at least that many cozy mysteries in the next 6 months. And if I'm going to be reading the books anyway, it makes sense to sign up for the challenge and show myself that I can actually complete a reading challenge.

Anybody want to join me?