October 29, 2015

Cakes to Die For

It's almost Halloween, and although some of you are probably over it, I can't pass up one more chance to share some holiday-themed cakes. I'm not going to post the recipes here, but I will post links to the recipes so you can find them if you're interested in baking one for yourself.

You'll find the recipe for this cute layer cake on Taste of Home. It's made using cocoa and orange extract, and it's perfect for a family dinner. Start your own Halloween tradition by making this one every year.

The recipe for this Boo-tiful Chocolate Marshmallow Ghost Cake is found on marthastewart.com. Make sure you click through to the recipe for the two kinds of frosting (Vanilla and Chocolate Cream Cheese). You'll need some marshmallows (large and miniature) for decorating, and a few chocolate sprinkles too.

Poke cakes are fun and easy to make, but they look great when you cut into them. For a little dramatic flair without a lot of work, try this recipe at Taste of Home. You'll need a marble cake mix (or make the batter from scratch) and two boxes of orange-flavored gelatin. Add some candy pumpkins or candy corn on top for extra flair and you're good to go!

This one isn't a cake recipe, but isn't this adorable? Whether you're entertaining kids or adults, everybody would love this. Complete instructions are on The Cake Blog. You'll need a cake, frosting (white), Oreo cookies, Mini Oreo cookies, Junior Mints and M&Ms. I'd make this one right now if I had the goods in my kitchen! 

Have a safe and Happy Halloween everybody! 

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