February 17, 2011

Dishin' on the Internet

If you haven't found this Facebook page already, hop over to The Crime Scene for a chance to interact with other mystery lovers and some of your favorite mystery authors. I'm just getting started there myself, but it looks like a great site!

Another fun group is Mystery Most Cozy. This group has been around for several years, first on Yahoo! Groups and now on Facebook. The group is made up of readers and writers.

The Cozy Chicks blog is a great place to keep up with a talented and interesting group of mystery writers, as is Killer Hobbies and Poe's Deadly Daughters and Jungle Red Writers.

Cozydiscussion on Yahoo! Groups is another great discussion group. and no discussion of mystery talk would be complete without DOROTHYL

There are dozens more great blogs and forums out there for mystery readers and writers and I could spend all day, every day clicking around the internet instead of writing. It's dangerous to go searching for new networking opportunities -- and yet. . . .

What are some of your favorite blogs and social networking sites?

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